Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Paros is an island with a lot of choices. It has some picturesque villages and a lot of nice beaches. Lefkes village is very picturesque and with nice small sweet and coffee shops. Antiparos is very small and with only one village which is really busy in the afternoon. Antiparos has a big cave that is worth visiting as well.
Where to stay: We stayed at Mike's Rooms outside Paroikia. They were decent. Not expensive and very clean. At Roccos' Studios at Antiparos we found a value for money redecorated small studios very close to the main road of Antiparos where all the restaurants and shops are.

Where to eat: At Laris restaurant at Agia Eirini beach (Palm beach), at Lolantonis tavern at Lolalontis beach and at Ag. Georgios at Antiparos Captain Pipinos Restaurant. At Antiparos you may also eat at Argo (to the way to the camping) and Peramataki taverna before Soros beach.

 Agios Georgios at Antiparos at sunset.
Where to swim: Agia Eirini (Palm beach) to the way to Pounta, Parasporos beach (always with waves), Kaminakia next to Marcello, Piso Aliki beach, and after Soros beach at Antiparos any of the small private beaches you chose. The southest beach Panagia Faneromeni is really one of the best beaches of Antiparos. If you have a 4X4 car you may try Monastiria beach otherwise, the north beach at the camping of Antiparos as well as Panayia beach are also very nice.

 Antiparos Camping beach
  Antiparos Faneromani beach (left)
  Antiparos Faneromeni beach (right)
 Antiparos Monastiria beach
 Antiparos Agios Sostis beach 
 Paros Kaminakia beach - next to Marcello
Paros Parasporos beach
Paros Agia Eirini (Palm beach)
Where to drink:  Yiannis Bar at Paroikia, Koukoutsi at Paroikia and any of the bars at Naoussa (Agosta has a nice view). Antiparos is famous for La Luna and Tzitzikas.

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