Thursday, August 30, 2012


Where to stay: Tilos has a lot of rented rooms at Livadia (port), Eristos and Ag.Antonios. I stayed at Ag. Antonios. The owner is called Antonis Kammas. It is the only rooms in Ag. Antonios. If you are a free camper, Eristos beach and Plaka is full of free campers. Ilidi Rock is the most expensive hotel in the island.

Where to eat: Kastro taverna at Megalo Chorio and Michalis at Leivadia were really good restaurants. Ag. Antonios fish tavern is also a must.

Where to swim: Eristos Beach is the most popular beach in the island. The best part of the beach is where the campers and the nudes are. Plaka beach is also nice (actually I enjoed it more) with pebbles and sand inside the sea. Ag. Sergios you need a boat to go there or you will walk more than half an hour to reach it. Next to the port at Leivadia is a beach with big pebbles. And Limenari beach where you go only by boat. You can also swim at Ag. Antonios and maybe if you are lucky you may see at the sea bottom the people's remaining (skeletons, bones) from Byzantine era.
Eristos Beach
 Plaka Beach
 Plaka Beach
 Ag. Sergios beach
Eristos Beach
Where to drink: At Mikro Chorio (the abandoned ghost village) after 11.30 at the evening a bar opens which is famous for the place (A bar in the middle of nowhere). Leivadia has all the night life with a couple of cafe-bars such as Mikro Cafe, Petrino, Ino. They all know how to do great coctails.
 View from the Mikro Chorio Bar
 Megalo Chorio
Places to see: Ag. Panteleimon, driving there is a must. The view is perfect. Elephant's museum (Yes! in Tilos there were Elephants!), Castro and Taxiarhis church at Megalo Chorio . Panagia Kamariani with a view above Ag. Antonios.
 To the way to Ag. Panteleimon
Panagia Koumariani - view to Ag. Antonios beach


Where to stay: Schinoussa has a few rented rooms. You should book well in advance your apartment there. I stayed at Anatoli Studios . It was quiet and far from the Chora main village. It was very simple and needs a little bit of renovation. Ms. Katerina though is very hospitable and they are doing their best to accommodate you.

In 2013 we stayed at Ailouros hotel and it was really good. Since then we stay there every year. I would strongly recommend it. I would also suggest Livadi Rooms next to the beach Livadi :  

Where to eat: Everywhere in Schinoussa you eat good food with value for money. I loved the food of Petrino at Messaria. Ms. Akathi is a very good cooker. I also enjoyed Margarita's food, Livadi's restaurant and of course the very good taste of Deli (especially the sweets and the goat spaghetti - katsikomakaronada). Maroussa's Tavern is also very good quality food. Nicolas of Schinoussa is famous for fish choices.

Where to swim: You have so many different alternatives for swimming in Schinoussa. First, you may go at Tsiggouri beach where you will find the only beach bar of the island and a few umbrellas and sunbeds. The music is relaxing, the beach is sandy and the water crystal clear. Livadi is the next biggest sandy beach of the island with a restaurant. 
Tsiggouri Beach
 Tsiggouri Beach
Tsiggouri Beach
Livadi beach

Tsiggouri Beach bar
My favourite one is Kampos-Aligaria. Pebbles and sand and a sea bottom perfect for snorkeling. 
 Kampos Beach
 Kampos Beach
                                                                                                  Kampos Beach
Psili Ammos with white sand close to Messaria is supposed to be the best beach of the island. You need to be lucky to find the beach with no  waves. When the wind is from the north then you should prefer Tsiggouri, Livadi and Kampos. 
Psili Ammos
Psili Ammos
I was told that Gerolimnionas beach (you need approximately 20 minutes walk to go there) is the best beach of the island. I will definitely try it next time.
Gerolimnionas beach

Other beaches like Foinikas and Liolios are also nice depending on the wind. When there is north wind there are waves.
Foinikas beach

Next to Liolios beach you may find Bazaios Beach. It was the only one empty when we visited the island in August 2013. It was a pleasant surprise and we really enjoyed it!
 Bazaios beach

However the best beach on the island when it is not windy is Fikio at the north part of the island. The color of the sea is just amazing!

Fikio beach

There are other beaches as well. After Bazaios beach if you walk along the coast line you will find your own small private paradise. 

Where to drink: Chora has a couple of cafe-bars on the main road. Hara, Deli. You go there for breakfast, coffee, branch (crepes), afternoon coffee, and late drinks. Try Rakes (psimmeni, rakomelo) at any type.