Thursday, September 3, 2009



Where to stay: Plenty of hotels, cheap and expensive. After searching more than 30 hotels the only one that it was value for money 130Euro was, good location and nice view from all rooms

Where to swim: Ag. Prokopios, Ag. Anna, Plaka (all these are huge well organised beaches with restaurants and beach bars - KALUA is the most famous in Ag. Prokopios). Mikri Vigla nice one for surfers. Aliko remote one, non organised. Panormos at the east side of the island probably the best beach of the island.

Where to eat: Not at the touristic restaurants at the harbour. Go to Apeiranthos at Lefteris (ask for potato salad and stuffed bifteki!!!!!). Go to Eggares at Stella's. And in Chora try Typografeio

MUST of the island: Sunset at Portara, Dinner at Apeiranthos village

Drinks: In old town close to harbour a couple of mainstream bars, a jazz bar and a kind of rock live bar.